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A Shocking Number Of People Delay Writing A Will, Leaving Their Loved Ones’ Future In The Hands Of The State

As many as 31 million people in the UK have no Will in place, running the risk that their families will be left with a legal mess to untangle if they die.

It’s a terrifying statistic, but almost two-thirds of all Brits have yet to make a Will, leaving the fate of their loved ones in the hands of the State.

What is more, over half of parents with children under 18 have not got this vital legal document in place to set out who will become their legal guardians.

But with the right professional support, it’s not expensive or difficult to protect your family’s future.

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Who Needs To Get A Will ?

It is advisable to get a will in place if you have:

Been divorced or remarried
Children with more than one partner
A large amount of assets or debt
More than one property or a business

Without a Will in place your estate could pass into unwanted hands – leaving the ones you care about empty handed.

Getting your will sorted has never been easier. For just £19.99 you can get an legally binding essential will that protects the ones you care about.

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